Music Source?

  • DJ ZAh

    Where do you get all your music to keep up to date? It would cost a small fortune and a big guessing game on what is hot and what’s not as I navigate through iTunes.

    DJ ZAh

    iTunes would kill you if you relied on that for all your music. I use iTunes only when I need something I don’t have and someone is requesting. It doesn’t happen often but it does happen.

    There are a lot of different music source vendors out there which I will list in a later post.

    I use to use a company by the name of Promo Only for my music and music videos. Now I use them strictly for my music videos and my music is now delivered through TM Jones… Prime Cuts.

    Why did I switch? I love getting a CD of music every week and that CD containing the top hits for each genre versus Promo Only has one CD per month of one genre. If you want more genre’s, that means more CD’s and you still only get one per month.

    Quality is the same but the CD’s are prettier from Promo Only but they are both functional and work great for importing as I run everything electronically.

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