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Our very old Polaris 500 Sportman X2 has lost the right rear CV axle and its not able to be replaced as the repair shop worked two full days trying to pull off the part that connects to the transmission. So in short, we are screwed since the right rear CV axle also does reverse while you are in 2 wheel drive.

So a work around is to have it in 4 wheel drive (which now is only 3 wheel drive) and when you need to go reverse, you have to hold the yellow button on the left grip to engage the other wheels.

What I like about the Polaris sportsman 500 X2 is the ability to have a spot for another rider (legally) and the dump box comes in handy as well as the front storage. I haven’t seen any other four wheeler with these capabilities and functionality.

So I started looking at side by sides for the back support and fell in love with the Polaris General. All the reviews just rave about how great the Polaris General is.

It can haul 600 lbs in the bed and tow a trailer up to 1500 lbs which is leaps and bounds more than the x2 can but the price is very high which is around $17,000 and also its 62.5″ wide which won’t be allowed to go on most trails that have a limit of 50″

So another option is the Polaris Ranger since it also has a dump bed but seat is a bench seat (so 3 people) and isn’t near as comfortable as the general.  It has a bigger cargo box and can tow just as much since the engine is the same.

Unfortunately its also 62.5″ wide so a no go on trails. I would pick the general between the Ranger and the General for simply Utility and Sport.  You really don’t gain a whole lot with the Ranger over a General but you do gain a bunch with a General over a Ranger but either way, they are both too wide.  Note: They do have a Ranger 570 but its still too wide at 58″

Now we know our requirement is 50″ wide and we want some utility and comfort what are our options?

POLARIS is out (all they have that is 50″ wide is the RZR and its definitely not made for utility and its primary focus is sport)

Can-Am has a worthy competitor which is the Trail Maverick. It has a box (not dump) and is 50″ wide. Reviews seem very positive.

Price is around $13,000 bare bones and MSRP (so should be some wiggle room)

Honda has a UTV called the Pioneer and its on several TV shows. Lots of positive feedback but its stated how under powered it is.  The width of the 1000 is 63″ and the 700 is almost 60″ so you would have to go down to the 500 before you find something that is only 50″ wide.  Unlike the Maverick, it doesn’t appear to have any Utility and compares more closely to the Polaris RZR.

This is the least expensive at $9000 MSRP.

I’m thinking Can-Am is the winner of the 50″ UTV comparison. It feels you get more bang for the buck.

Here is a nice preview video

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  1. So it appears I’ve made my decision that the Maverick Trail 1000 DPS is the winner. Obviously, like anything, nothing is perfect. You can find flaws on anything you don’t want and no flaws on what you want. 🙂 In reality, you can find flaws on everything but which flaws can you live with. The flaws I have seen in video reviews and talked about on forums I have come to the conclusion, owners of all the UTV’s like the Can-Am the most so giving it my money.

    • Today (Friday 2/25/2019) I checked out the build and was somewhat bummed when I learned they are unable to use the Aluminum roof and have a back window. Also they were going to have to drill holes in the roof to mount stuff.

      Next issue is they can’t install the trunk with snorkels in place.

      So looks like we now have a back window and the top half (soft) of the doors. It also appears we had another set of doors on the order which was uneeded since the DPS model comes with the half doors and I also went camo versus yellow.

      Got approved for a loan from ELGA CU at 3.25% for the Can-AM

      It appears they are going to give us $1000 for the broken Polaris X2 Sportsman 500 and this is right after I paid over $700 for a tuneup at Chapmans. Also teh Suzuki 185 is junk and that will be a wash (if I’m lucky) since they have $300 in labor and I think with it not working they may only give $200. Then we have the Honda TRX250 which they may give us $1000-$1200 for.

      With the tradein I’m trying to get a Suzuki 125 dirt bike for Zack and a Yamaha Warrior 350 for Kate. AND I’m picking up a late 90’s Honda 250 from a friend for $900.

      yea, busy spending money I don’t really have but you live only once.

      • In a potential solution for the trunk that won’t work because of the snorkels I asked for help from Ryfab since I can’t be the only person with the snorkel kit on my Can-Am and this is what they responded with:
        “I have never fit one with the snorkels. It is too close to know. If you have them and could get measurements for sure of height with photos would be good.
        Thank you,
        Ryfab & Coating

        Will keep you posted. Maybe they’ll have something for us Snorkel guys too soon.

  2. So the Honda I got from a friend is a 1998 Honda Recon TRX250.  Its all green and looks very clean.  I can get it to run if I have starter fluid or spray seafoam in the carb with the choke fully open.  As soon as I try and turn the choke off it stalls.  I let seafoam sit in carb for awhile and still try but its just done and thats after a day of working on it.

    I know the carb is probably super tarnished from sitting for so long so either rebuild carb and have the same issue possibly or pick up a OEM Carb from Honda for $100 and put it in (which is way cheaper than the suzuki 185 which was $440 for a new carb from babbits).  Should get carb tomorrow (Friday 2/1) and I’ll put it in and see what happens.

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