Can-Am Maverick Trail

I have done quite a bit of digging in an effort to see what will be replacing my Polaris ATV Sportsman 500 which I’ve had pretty good luck with but it eventually died.  I want to keep the width to 50″ or less because of the majority of the trails we have here in Michigan limit the width to 50″ and from what research shows, its not just Michigan.

Some pictures of many different states and how they limit vehicles entering trails to just 50″ and I know what you are thinking, I’ll just drive around the barrier but then you get to deal with DNR officers who patrol the trails.

As you can see there are some choices to include Polaris, Arctic Cat, Honda, Can-Am but no Yamaha.  Reading Blogs, Forums and looking at Accessories and hearing feedback and watching youtube videos I eventually decided my money is going to a new Can-Am Maverick Trail but so many to choose from.

So when in doubt, buy the best.  I purchased a 2019 Can-Am Maverick Trail 1000 DPS (which was the best at the time I purchased it).  I wanted the white but thats only available in the 800 series so in the 1000 DPS series you have the red/black or yellow/black or camouflage/black.  I originally ordered it with yellow/black and after seeing how little camo is on the camouflage version I thought it looked pretty sexy so changed my order before they placed it.

Some of the videos I enjoyed watching with Can-Am Maverick Trails

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