Nagios Core: How to manage users

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    The default user ID used to log into Nagios Core is nagiosadmin with the password of PASSWORD. Most of us would like to perform two tasks right away:

    1. change the password for the admin account
    2. add some other users so not everyone is using nagiosadmin
    3. delete users

    What’s funny is its the same command….

    #1 change the password for the admin account

    All you need to do to change the password for nagiosadmin is to SSH into the linux server you are hosting nagios on and run the following

    [root@net1 etc]# htpasswd /usr/local/nagios/etc/htpasswd.users nagiosadmin

    It will immediately prompt you for New Password

    New password:
    Re-type new password:
    Updating password for user nagiosadmin

    That’s it

    #2 add some other users

    Obviously you don’t want everyone using the same account so create some user accounts.  The crazy part is its the same command you use to change a users password

    [root@net1 etc]# htpasswd /usr/local/nagios/etc/htpasswd.users dhosang
    New password:
    Re-type new password:
    Adding password for user dhosang

    #3 how to remove/delete users that you don’t want to access nagios anymore

    It’s really the same command but adding a -D after htpasswd.  It looks like this

    [root@net1 etc]# htpasswd -D /usr/local/nagios/etc/htpasswd.users dhosang
    Deleting password for user dhosang

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